ABiT CorporationApplying to backhaul of private 5G communication system

Magna Wireless Corporation (Formerly known as ABiT Corporation) participated in the "Remote Construction Demonstration (Construction DX Challenge 2023)" sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, conducted a demonstration using the company's highly reliable local 5G communication system, and proved the effectiveness of the system. Fujikura's 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless communications module was adopted as the wireless backhaul for the system.
This demonstration was sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism with the aim of advancing construction technology, and was held at the Construction DX Experimental Field in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The outdoor evaluation kit, equipped with a 60GHz millimeter wave wireless communications module, was used as a wireless backhaul to connect private 5G base stations to each other and the backbone network. Traditionally, building a private 5G communication system requires construction work such as installing new optical fiber lines as backhaul, but significant cost reductions can be achieved by applying wireless connectivity.
In the demonstration, a highly reliable, low-latency "uninterrupted wireless environment" was created using a private 5G base station and an outdoor evaluation kit, and video transmission using these enabled smooth operation of construction equipment from remote locations.
This demonstration proved that Fujikura’s 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless communications module, which features long-distance coverage, high-capacity, and low-latency communication, can effectively function as a wireless backhaul for private 5G communication systems.

*Backhaul:In a communications network, this is a relay line that connects a base station to the backbone network.

Overview of demonstration Figure1:Overview of demonstration
Demonstration scene Figure2:Demonstration scene