IP&T Center, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)Millimeter-wave signal transmission experiment
in coach of railway

Professor José I. Alonso and his Research Group belonging to the Information Processing and Telecommunications Center (IP&T Center) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), in Spain, have carried out a millimeter wave signal transmission experiment in a Siemens wagon of the Velaro E-series, using Fujikura's 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communications module.
In addition, a commercial simulation tool, based on the “ray-tracing” techniques, was used to evaluate the accuracy of the measurements. The experimental results agreed with the simulation results, confirming that propagation of the 60 GHz millimeter-wave signal in a train carriage can be modelled by simulation.
The Research Group will further explore applications to railways using 60 GHz, such as railside-to-train communications or train’s virtual coupling applications.

Millimeter wave signal propagation experiment in coach

Measurements were performed under various conditions in the coach with different positions of the 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communications module. The picture below shows an example of an experiment.

Fujikura’s 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communications module Photo 1:Fujikura’s 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communications module attached inside coach


Using commercial simulation software, Wireless InSite of Remcom Inc, based on ray tracing techniques, a realistic train model has been created and millimeter-wave propagation in the model has been simulated.

Coach simulation model (external) Figure 1:Coach simulation model (external)
Coach simulation model (internal) Figure 2:Coach simulation model (internal)
Simulated propagation paths Figure 3:Simulated propagation paths

*These works have been carried out in the framework of the COMMET project
(TEC2017-87061-C3-1-R) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and
Innovation (MICINN) and the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI).