Comparison of link performance
with other companies' 60GHz product

Throughput comparison over long distances

450m point


Company Aapprox.20Mbps

900m point


Company A0Mbps

* Effects of fading Phenomenon in which radio waves increase or decrease due to interference between the direct wave that reaches the receiving antenna and the reflected wave from the ground.

Communication distance at 100Mbps
Fujikura’s module shows superior long-distance communication performance compared to Company A’s products.

Outline of the experiment

Link performance was evaluated between a communication device fixed at a height of
3.9m on the ground and a communication device fixed at a height of 3.9m above the
ground on a car, and the throughput was measured.

Measurement target

1) Fujikura : 60GHz wireless communications module outdoor evaluation kit
2) Company A: 60GHz communication equipment (commercially available)

Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communications Modules
Schematic of the experiment